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Who got the best Woody?

My friend Mmm...donuts will finally have for the first time a Woody at the end of the month. And considering his age it was about time.
In fact, Mmm...donuts is an animation fan. He owns many cartoons, examples of Fleischers, Disney, MGM, WB works, and many rare European shorts. But there's a great hole in his collection: Lantz. Now with this Woody he will be finally able to fill the hole.

Now, be serious.
Let's go to the point of this post.
Your truly Duck Dodgers and Mmm...donuts were speaking, several days ago, about who got the best Woody. We did not come to any serious conclusion. We want you to be the judges. So we made pictures. Then Mmm...donuts, with his technical abilities, created screen comparisons. Please do us a favor and compare them, ok?

On the LEFT you'll find the Columbia House version and on the RIGHT the Universal official release version.
Enjoy and let us know in the comments.

Wackily delivered by
Duck Dodgers and Mmm...donuts

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