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The Rare and Unknown : " Pink Elephants "

Believe it or else , I was going to post an analysis of this rare cartoon today on my blog !

Anyway , Steve Worth winned by a hair and already posted one in his own ASIFA blog !

You can even find the cartoon itself available for download !

Here is the link :

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog: Filmography: Al Falfa in Pink Elephants

In this 1937 Terrytoon , one of the funniest ever made by the studio , a drunk goat is scared by the appearence of three pink elephants . The goat runs into Farmer Al Falfa's house . The result : even the poor sober farmer is pestered by these creatures . Note how the animation of the elephants is more fluid than that of Al Falfa in the same cartoon and of the usual animation in Terrytoons .
Also , you would notice how the pink elephants in this short look very much like the ones in the celebrated sequence in " Dumbo " ( 1941 ) , where both the title character as well as Timothy the Mouse dream of pink elephants .

Running all troughout the house , the poor farmer is also victim of a business similar to the one that happened to Stan Laurel in " Putting Pants on Philip " ( 1927 ) and that would be more succesfully re-created by Marilyn Monroe in " The Seven Year Itch " .
Accidentally disguised as an elephant , Farmer Al Falfa goes along with the gag and tries to trick the elephant but they are too smart for such things .
Then our hero , like a ghostbuster " ante litteram " uses a vacuum cleaner to hunt the elephants . When he looks like he can finally have his sleep , he finds the drunk goat ( remember it ? ) in his bed . The goat hiccups , being still drunk , and soon another pink elephant appears ! Al Falfa sure will not sleep this night !

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