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Tish-Tash Moment : " The Tangled Anger"

This new section is devoted to some unsung works of one of my all-time favorite directors, the inimitable Frank Tashlin.
Here you have some highlights from " The Tangled Anger" , a Columbia/ Screen Gems short made in 1941, featuring the vocal talents of Pinto " Goofy" Colvig as the short-lived character Pete Pelican, and Harry E. Lang as the smarty fish.
In my opinion, this short is one of the finest cartoons of the 40s. The timing as well as the gags are very good if not perfect. It is a brilliant mixture between the style used in Disney cartoons and the one developed in WB Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.
And Pinto Colvig and Harry E. Lang are at their best!

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