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The Art of Riley Thompson

According to Alberto Becattini and his marvellous articles about the man, Thompson is the correct name. I've found it spelled "Thomson" many times.
This shows how little this artist is considered and how unsung is his work.
Thompson not only directed some of the finest Disney shorts, but he was also a prolific comicbook artist.
To my knowledge he never wrote his stories, so he was one of them artists, like Paul Murry, that can only be remembered for their drawings, unlike masters like Barks or Scarpa. However he should be considered more than he is as now, because his drawings and his talent were great.
Enjoy this short story featuring Grandma Duck, Gus Goose...and the Cinderella Mice Gus&Jaq!
The pages are full of energy and life, and look at Grandma's wacky expressions! It reminds me Woody in the Dick Lundy's cartoons.
Let me know if you like Thompson's work in the comments and maybe I'll post more of his stuff!

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
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