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John K presents " Boo Boo Runs Wild "

The recent months have seen the releases of " The Huckleberry Hound Show " and " The Yogi Bear Show " on dvd .
Both dvd sets feature a large amount of shorts featuring the " smarter than the average bears " loveable bruin Yogi .
So , inspired by this , I went to watch my old taped copy of " Boo Boo Runs Wild " , a John K " Ranger Smith cartoon " .

I forgot how funny this short was . John K used the majority of the tipical Hanna-Barbera music and sound effects . He gave , as in the original TV productions , a great attention to the voice cast ( trivia note : Mr. Steve Worth , of ASIFA fame , is the voice of Yogi in this picture , paired with John K himself as Boo Boo ).
However , this cartoon has something that the original TV Yogi cartoons could only dream about : marvellous animation .
John K spoofed the fact that in the old Yogi cartoons ( as well as in the majority of the TV animated cartoons ) , few attention was given to the animation . In fact , even in this cartoon , RangerSsmith changes his design in a lot of scenes .
This gag was also used , with greater results , in another John K " Ranger Smith " cartoon , the hilarious " A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith " , where the ranger changes his graphical aspect a hundred of times !

Dedicated to the legendary Ed Benedict , this short was rarely shown on tv in his entirety . The climatic moment , the Yogi 's fight against Ranger Smith , was cut many times .
Enjoy some screenshots from an uncut copy , that , unfortunately , is not logo free.

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