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Fixing CBL: "Voodoo Hoodoo"

This series of posts will try to fix the "errors" intentionally made with the Carl Barks Library.

Thank to a dear friend, the extraordinary Klaus Harms, I'm able to post scans of the original version of "Voodoo Hoodoo".
The only way to read the story as Barks made it is to actually own the original comicbook, considering that, after its original release, this Donald Duck adventure was reprinted in a less unPC way.
Even the Carl Barks Library features the new version: the most evident changes are the natives' face and the fact that the ring in Bombie's nose is removed. Even the dialogue is different. You'll be the judges!
And yes, Bop-Bop was originally intended to be a black man!
Enjoy the original version. I'm posting the first 16 pages and the rest will be available tomorrow.
Let me know your thoughts!

See ya tomorrow for the remaining 16 pages!

Stay tooned,
Duck Dodgers

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