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The 100 Greatest Cartoons of All Times : Post 3

Marvellous music , gags , incontrollable energy , great animation . Another Clampett masterwork .
Following the success of "Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs", Clampett directed another all-black cartoon, "Tin Pan Alley Cats ", starring a Fats Waller-like cat and dominated by hot music.
I felt in love for this short the first time I've seen it . From the wonderful opening sequence , with a chorus singing " By the Light of the Silvery Moon " to the funny ending sequence ( also highlighted by one of Clampett's wackiest " beeeyooowooop " ever made ) . What follows is the plot for the ones that have not had the luck to watch this cartoon .
A feline version of the popular black pianist and entertainer Fats Waller ( " Wods de madder wid him ? " ), tempted and lured by " Wine , Women and songs " , enters the Kit Kat Klub, even if the preachers of the " Uncle Tomcat Mission " described the place as a den of iniquity .
A trumpet player and his hot music send our hero " out of this world " , in a technicolor version of Wackyland , highlighted by a humanized version of the dodo , caricatures of Hirohito , Stalin and Hitler and the inimitable " Rubber Band " .
The cat finally returns to this world , runs in terror outside the Kit Kat Klub and joins the preachers. " Wods de madder wid him ? "

For your pure entertaiment , I just posted a ton of screenshots from this classic . The original source of my copy is a 35mm print of the cartoon .
I think it is the best available copy ever , even better than the one owned by ASIFA .
You can see how it is possible to see clearly all the details in the face of the Fats Waller-like cat when he is watching the rubber band parade , while in the common copies this is practically impossible .

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