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Vladimir Tytla Celebration- Part 1

Vladimir Tytla is one of my favorite animators ever. He not only worked at Disney but also for Terry and Famous.
I want to highlight some of his marvellous works for the Mighty Mouse series.
Here you have some screenshots from his most celebrated work at Terry, the dance scene from "The Sultan's Birthday", a cartoon that Tytla also directed.
I'm planning to do other posts about this great artist. Thanks to Milton Knight I was able to identify other unsung animators that worked for Terry.
Even at the Terry studios, "kingdom of low-budget animation", their genius was not compressed or mutilated: great artists need only a pencil and a piece of paper to do a masterwork.
Their works will be objects of some future posts of mine.
As for now, enjoy the well-known danced scene from "The Sultan's Birthday".

UPDATE: Milton Knight told me that this animation is probably a collaboration by Tytla and Carlo Vinci, another of the most talented animators to work at Terry.
The work of this unsung master will be highlighted pretty soon on this blog!
The collaboration between this two animators, in this particular segment of animation, is something that could re-write the books about animation.
The totality of animation books always reported , probably erroneusly if Knight is right, that this piece was only the work of the great Tytla.
This work was so appreciated by Terry himself that he reported how this piece of animation was the best scene in the cartoon and one of the best things ever made at his studio.

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