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Upcoming Posts

That's what is coming in the near future .

In a week or so , you'll have a detailed review of one of the most risquè cartoons ever made , " Farmer Al Falfa's Ape Girl " .
The title character , to use the words of GAC member Nelson , " makes Betty Boop look like a saint " !

Also , a review of the LTGC volume 3 , who hit the stores a bit more than a month ago .

And other analyses of rare and unknown shorts , including the Private Snafu short " Pay Day " .

And that's ONLY for the near future .

Near the end of December I 'll also post reviews of other rare cartoons ( with many screenshots ) , some of them are included in the " Censored Eleven " category .
Wanna guess which ones will be chosen ?

Stay tooned for updates ! You'll not be sorry !

Yours Truly ,

Duck Dodgers

Blog Founder and Administrator

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