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Toby the Pup in "Halloween"

Here's a great spooky cartoon from Toby the Pup series. Like "The Milkman" presented here ten days ago, this is a very funny and inventive cartoon with beautiful rubber hose animation, and lot of obvious Fleischer influences.
For more info about the song "Smarty" used in this cartoon, check out David Gerstein's The Cartoon Pop Music Page .
Also, you can watch the entire cartoon here (unfortunately, this version on YouTube suffers from audio sync problems).

And finally, here's the entire Toby the Pup filmography. Cartoons denoted with * are known to exist today. The others are considered as lost.

The Museum (August 19, 1930) *
The Fiddler (September 1, 1930)
The Miner (October 1, 1930)
The Showman (November 22, 1930)
The Bug House (December 7, 1930)
Circus Time (January 25, 1931) *
The Milkman (February 25, 1931) *
Brown Derby (March 22, 1931)
Down South (April 15, 1931) *
Halloween (May 1, 1931) *
Aces Up (May 16, 1931)
The Bull Thrower (June 7, 1931)

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