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" Sunday Go To Meetin ' Time "

Here you have a ton of pictures from one of the most offensive cartoons ever made : " Sunday Go To Meetin ' Time " .
This cartoon is a basket full of stereotypes about black people . If you do not know how many and what kind of gags directed to blacks were used in Hollywood cartoons during the Thirties/Forties , just watch this cartoon : you ' ll find them all here !
From stealing chickens and watermelons trough gambling and playing dices right to gags about the color of the skin or the physical appearence .
However , closing this cartoon into a vault , letting the dust of times destroying the prints without any work of restoration and pretending that it never existed is even more offensive than the stereotyped gags here included .
A view of this cartoon ( that , anyway , is very funny and entertaining , being the work of a great director like Friz Freleng , a master in timing ) not only delights but explains , to quote Leonard Maltin 's words in the Disney Treasures introductions , how far we have gone trough the decades .
Enjoy !

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