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A Shorty Short

Once in a while I'll post some cartoons online, that's the trend nowadays and it's also the best way to share what a collector owns (some of us are not cartoon hoarders, you know).
I start with this Famous Studios Popeye cartoon, "The Marry-Go-Round", with original titles, starring our favorite sailor, Shorty and "a very sexy" Olive Oyl.

This beauty, as well as the other 40s Popeye shorts in Technicolor, should have to be available restored on DVD at the end of this year or in 2009 (it's scheduled for the third volume). That set is something I really can't wait for. They have access to the original prints (as far as I know all the prints of Famous' Popeye Technicolor shorts survive intact and no digital recreation will be used) so it will be extraordinary to finally see all them shorts as originally shown and not with the AAP titles (my only doubt is if a complete copy of "Popeye and the Pirates" will be found...)

So long,
Duck Dodgers

P.S.: Thanks to Thad for technical help

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