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Room Runners

Pre-Code cartoons from the early Thirties often contain risqué gags , since at the time they were almost free from the restrictions of censorship. The cartoons produced at the Ub Iwerks studio contain some of the best examples of that : many of them have gags involving racial and ethnic stereotypes , sexual innuendo , and even the use of drugs . One of the most risqué Ub Iwerks cartoons is "Room Runners". Here, Flip the Frog tries to escape during the night from a hotel without paying the bill ; while getting away from both the landlady and a policeman , Flip comes across several sexual-related situations : for example , he gets into a bathroom where a girl is having a shower, and he watches a naked girl through a keyhole. In the final gag of the cartoon , a guy who's trying to take his tooth out , after many unsuccessful attempts , he finally succeeds after going into the room of an undressed girl and receiving a punch in the face from her.
Here are some pictures from this cartoon . Enjoy!

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