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A Norman McCabe tribute

In memory of Norman McCabe, who's passed away a week ago, I'll dedicate this post to three of his best cartoons. Enjoy!

Daffy's Southern Exposure
Daffy refuses to migrate to the South for the Winter, but he soon realizes what a big mistake he's made. Starving to death, in the middle of a snowstorm, he finally takes shelter in the house of two guys who are even hungrier than the duck. After a sumptuous meal, Daffy finds out what the two guys' real intentions are: eating him! After a wild chase, our duck eventually decides to escape to the South (and I do mean South!).

Confusions of a Nutzy Spy
In this WWII anti-Nazi cartoon, we find Porky Pig as a cop who's on the tail of a spy, assisted by his dog, who has a little sneezing trouble. Missing Lynx, the spy, tries to get rid of Porky with a time bomb, that eventually doesn't seem to work. But at the end of the cartoon, the nasty spy finds out that the bomb perfectly woiks!

The Daffy Duckaroo
In this cartoon, we see Daffy as a cowboy flirting with an Indian girl. But the troubles begin for him when he meets the boyfriend, who isn't exactly happy to see his girl in company of the duck.

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