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More from the Woody set.
I'll never thank enough Michael Nusair. He's the one that sent me all this terrific shots.

Enjoy shots from "Toyland Premiere" and "Mother Goose on the Loose". My teensy weensy role in this DVD release was to suggest to put "Destination Meatball" (and so the 1951 Woody toons)and "Mother Goose on the Loose" (one of the best Lantz ever!!). I'm happy they listened. I know a selected number of other collectors gave some suggestions and they were listened too. These kind of wonderful things can happen when you got animation historian number ONE Jerry Beck involved with the production. He loves cartoon and he knows who loves cartoons. And we love him! Thanks Jerry!

Oh, no, the damn reissue title!

Oh, well, let's go on.

I'd love to see what happened between the previous shot and he following (actually I know it: the cake falls on Laurel and Hardy) but it was cut from prints, even from the one owned by Universal, that apparently is a reissue print.

Here comes a cool one!

Dick Nelson performs a great W.C. Fields voice as Old King Cole. He used the same voice for Andy Panda's pop starting from "Mouse Trappers" (God, how much I'm bothering Jerry to put that short on volume 2. I'm such a pest)

Duck Dodgers

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