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Introducing....Ozzie the Ostrich !

Ironically , one year after Famer Al Falfa received Kiko the Kangaroo as a gift from his brother Hank , Kiko the Kangaroo himself received as a gift another animal , an ostrich .
In " Ozzie the Ostrich comes to Town " we are introuded to another of the characters that Paul Terry tried to develope to a star ' s status . However , while Kiko was enoyable , funny and a friendly character , Ozzie was just a troublemaker animal " tout court " , like Pluto or Frisky Puppy , but with not a single trace of their charme .
Also , another point against any possibility of the character's success : the incredibly irritating laugh . You would have to hear for yourself !

In 1938 , Terry would develope another star , Gandy Goose . This time the choice would be a more succesful one . Gandy survived for more than a decade and was used in a considerable number of cartoons .

I've post some pics from a few Ozzie cartoons , in which he created troubles for both Kiko and Farmer Al Falfa . Enyoy !

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