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A Duck Dodgers Caricature

My great friend Dragan Kovacevic was kind enough to make a caricature of yours truly.
Also known as Kowalski on the pages of GAC forums, my friend is a briliant artist.

Here you have the "original stuff"....

....and here you have me little self as seen by Dragan( click on the drawing for larger size and higher resolution).

He drew me wearing a Duck Dodgers'suit (on it you will find a reference to my favorite website of them all : the GAC one, of which I'm honored to be a member) into a space ship, surrounded by nitrate prints of rare cartoons.
You will notice the presence of certain "eager young space cadet"( and nemesis Marvin is not so far ...). Spumco aficionados will also recognize Jimmy the Lucky Idiot right behind me as well as Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy on the monitor screen.
On the table you can see an unnamed book by my friend Jerry Beck as well as a copy of "Of Mice and Magic" plus the dvd of my superior copies of the "Censored Eleven". By the way, Porky got in his hands another dvd that I proudly own: " Altruists", a two-part episode of the " Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon" series ( one of the best ones, I would add ) that is still unaired in U.S. and in many other Countries.
Also on the table, my favorite version of Tweety, the naked Clampettian one. The little rascal is doing something that absolutely shouldn't be done near nitrate films. And doing damages , there's a certain Gremlin, definitively not Wendell Willkie!

Let me know which are your thoughts about this drawing. In my opinion, it is marvellous!!

Yours Truly,

Duck Dodgers

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