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Did You Miss Me?: Lost Footage from "The Hen-Pecked Rooster"

All the copies that I've seen of this early Famous cartoon (historically important because marked the debut of Herman the Mouse) omits a sequence.

Here you have it, right from an uncensored restored copy.
The NTA prints show Henry the Rooster's wife as she have an idea about how get rid of Herman:

After this shot, the NTA prints all come to this scene.

We don't understand soon what is happening! That's because some footage was cut!

Here you have it for the first time!
The following shots show what we were not allowed to see!
The scene was probably censored due to the fact that it shows the main characters playing poker, drinking and smoking( look at the amazing number of cigarettes on the table!).

So, the NTA copies miss the boys having fun, Herman cheating and the first effects that the cheese has on Herman.

Enjoy the rest of the scene, that is also available in the common copies.
I wonder if the scene with Herman lured by the cheese could be the work of Jim Tyer. There's' some cartoony wackiness in it that I truly appreciate.

Try to imagine how many gags from our favorite classic cartoons we miss....and we don't even know about it!!


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