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Did You Miss Me ? : " Knock Knock "

This new series of posts will be devoted to the missing footage result of cuts , alterations and censored sequences that mutilated a vaste number of classic cartoons .
We start with the original ending of " Knock Knock " , which was eliminated by the majority of the reissue copies for being too wacky and for showing mental insanity . It is funny to consider that an almost identical ending was featured (and not cut ! ) in " Daffy Duck and Egghead " .

The incredible similarity of the endings in these two cartoons can be easily explained : both shorts featured the creative talent of Ben Hardaway for the script and the gags .

In this short ending sequence , Andy Panda and his pop have finally captured a certain wacky woodpecker ( Woody ! At his fisrt appearence ! ) putting salt on his tail . Here is where almost the totality of the available copies of this cartoon end .

In the original version , two woodpeckers from the nut house come to take Woody , but reveal themselves to be wackier than him !

Enjoy !

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