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" Club Life in the Stone Age" : UPDATE

The great artist Milton Knight sent me an email with some informations about this cartoons. I already post about it:

Here's what he said about this animated short. I hope it will send me other interesting emails like this one!

Dear Duck,
The bulk of this cartoon is a reworking of A STONE AGE ROMANCE (a sound
Aesop's Fable made by Terry for Van Beuren release in 1929-30), all
wrapped up with a "happy ending" bow borrowed from APE GIRL.
The concept of the athletic, primitive woman goes back to Terry's silent
days; Farmer Al Falfa courted one in BONEHEAD AGE from the late 20s.
Of the 30s Terry product, I personally find the shorts from between 1930
and '33 to be the most interesting. They tend to be unpredictable,
lively, well-staged, and the very early ones make a great use of
black-and-white contrasts. Later 30s entries tend to take the Disney-ish
approach of sitting back and watching the character animation, but all
too often it isn't worth watching!

Mr. Knight is a gold mine! You gotta read the many informations he posted in this thread on a well-known animation forum. In his posts he reveals many details about the animation in " Farmer Al Falfa's Ape Girl" :

Yours Truly,

Duck Dodgers

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