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Cartoon of the Month: "Miss Glory"

After a two-month pause (for causes beyond our control...ahem), welcome back to the usual "Cartoon of the Month" section!
Featured this time, is one of Tex Avery's most unusual and experimental cartoons from the WB period, "Page Miss Glory" (shortened to "Miss Glory" to avoid confusion with the feature film of the same name).
What makes this (uncredited) directorial effort so special is the use of a great Art Deco style, an experimentation that has never been repeated later (unluckily, I have to say, because the visual result is remarkable).
The cartoon is a Busby Berkeley-esque musical, and the above mentioned visual style fits the tone of the genre perfectly, and there's space for some bits of Avery's typical humor.
The innovative tone of the short is also given by the use of unusual shots and camera angles (the drink seen from the inside of a mouth is probably the greatest example).
And to add more fun, watch for caricatures of famed Termite Terrace personalities like Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Avery himself, Bob Cannon and Melvin Millar!

And now, on with the show!

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