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Bob Wickersham's "Woodsman Spare that Tree"

This blog has recently added to his visitors Bob Whickersham's great nephew so I decided to highlight one of his grandpa's best animated shorts.
The screenshots come from what is, so far, the best version available of the cartoon. Restored and professionally-transferred in DVD-like quality, the only reason of complaint is that damn "B" TV logo (which is, at least in my opinion, less annoying that time code or "CN" and "Fox" logos that I've sen in other copies).
On the cartoon now.
"Woodsman spare that Tree" is the second Fox and Crow cartoon and one of the series' best entries. The basic structure of the shorts is made, like the previous Tashlin cartoon, of blackout gags. However here there's more interaction between the two characters.
The backgrounds are marvellous, the animation is very good (it looks to me like Hawkins can be spotted, at the beginning and during the clock scene, but maybe Thad knows more)and the gags are great.
Yep, your great grandpa sure did a good job here.

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
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