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Why we love Famous Cartoons

I was recently asked why I'm so fond of Famous and Paramount cartoons. In my opinion, from the earliest days of the Studio, in 1943, to 1952 or so, Famous produced some of the funniest cartoons ever. Then they started to make more formulaic but still enjoable shorts.
One of the reasons that I always use to justify my love for these Studio's cartoons is the presence of extreme violence and mayhem in them. I was answered that almost all cartoons of the 40s/50s got violent gags.
Yes, that is true, but nothing on pair with what you can see in a Famous cartoon, with the exception of sacharinous Casper (what do you know? some shots in this post actually do come from Casper cartoons), Little Audrey and Screen Songs/Kartunes.
But the rest of Famous/Paramount productions, expecially the ones with Baby Huey or Herman and Katnip and Buzzy, are a festival of violence!
Mmm...donuts and your truly Duck Dodgers shared their forces and selected for your pure enjoyment some of their favorite Famous/Paramount violent moments.
I KNOW you'll be delighted and amazed!

Duck Dodgers and Mmm...donuts

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