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Mickey Mouse and Dry Gulch Goofy

In Italy we venerate Disney comics stories, expecially the daily strips of Mickey Mouse (on the other hand, very little attention is devoted to animation).
Virtually every continuity starring Mickey between 1930-1955 has been reprinted at least seven times, so I was quite surprised to discover that many of these classics were never reprinted in the States since their original release in the newspapers.

Here you have one of Mickey's funniest adventures ever, "Mickey Mouse and Dry Gulch Goofy" by Bill Walsh and Floyd Gottfredson (78 daily strips published on US newspapers between 26/3/1951 and 23/6/1951), that US citizens NEVER SEEN AGAIN SINCE THE ORIGINAL RELEASE.
Pay attention to sexy girls, Gottfredson's trademark of the 50s.

(Thanks to Thad K for making all this possible)

Rest coming tomorrow!

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
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