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Luring Hoiman

I don't know who animated this sequence, part of it cut from many prints of "The Hen-Pecked Rooster", but it's certainly a great work.
Unless Viacom does not release the short on DVD (will it ever happen?)the only way to find a complete version of this scene is start catching for some ultra-faded 16mm print of it that COULD (almost the totality I've seen do not have it) be uncut.
By the way, there's more that was left out and happens just before the scene I've posted: Herman and Henry are shown at that very same table, Henry singing happily and drinking.
And yes, I'm still that lazy and didn't put the original language in it. A good friend of mine will probably do it in the following months.

Well, I'll be seein' ya,
Duck Dodgers

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