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"Butterscotch and Soda": the nearly definitive copy

Hide your still-not-7-years li'l bros 'cause here it comes!!!!

Damn "5" TV logo. However, this copy of the PD "Butterscoth and Soda" is marvellous. Complete and uncut, in beautiful Technicolor, with all Little Audrey credits.
Besides, this is one of my favorite shorts with the spoiled brat, maybe even my most favorite. Hardly a Little Audrey cartoon includes a so charming mixture of gags, plot and surrealism. The sequence where the shadow of the canary turns into a bat's and L.A's subsequent scream is terrific. I wonder if it was inspired by some live action movie. Anyone?
The animation is very good (in some shots Audrey looks like Elmer or Tiny Toon's Elmyra too)and I'll never cease to be amazed by Famous' backgrounds......


Yours Truly,

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