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"Room and Bored"

"Room and Bored" is my favorite Fox and Crow cartoon. It seems as Wickersham was really living and eating Fox and Crow (them and thanks to) 'cause not only he directed some of their best shorts, he was also the artist behind their first comic stories, as you have already seen on this blog.
This' one's a classic. The contrast between the two never was and will be better, being the Fox a lover of classic music, a gentleman that loves quiet and rest, Sherlock Holmes-like playing his violine, wearing a pinafore through the whole short, and the Crow a jitterbugging jazz-loving "pest about town".
The Crow is indeed a bit reminiscent of Jim Crow of "Dumbo" fame (I love the way he looks in this short) and, yes, you fans of unPC moments, there's even space for a pretty WW2 reference.

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